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The Governing Body For Competitive and Recreational Finswimming In Texas

The Texas Finswimming Association (TFA) is the official governing body for competitive and recreational finswimming in Texas. The TFA is made of teams, high schools, colleges, individuals, supporters, and those that are interested in advancing the sport of finswimming not only locally, but also in Texas, the United States, and internationally.

The Texas Finswimming Association recently announced its end-of-season awards for 2008. We are very proud to recognize the following award winners:

Athletes of the Year
Lauren Rossett-Texan Finswimming Club (TFC)
Derrick Mauk-Finswimming Association of Southeast Texas (FAST)

Newcomer of the Year
Inka Johnson-USSAG "Sparta" Team (Houston, Texas)

Team of the Year
U.S. Scholar-Athlete Games "Sparta" Team

Coach of the Year
Darla S. Kelly-Swimming & Finswimming Commissioner-2008 U.S. Scholar-Athlete Games

All State 1st Team
Lauren Rossett-Texan Finswimming Club (TFC)
Brittany Jones-Texan Finswimming Club (TFC)
Derrick Mauk-Finswimming Association of Southeast Texas (FAST)
Jonathan Abner-Eagle Finswimming Club (EFC)

All State 2nd Team
Inka Johnson-USSAG "Sparta" Team (Houston, Texas)
Nilda Eguren-Texan Finswimming Club (TFC)
Christian Castro-Texan Finswimming Club (TFC)
Andrew Rodriguez-Eagle Finswimming Club (EFC)

All State Honorable Mention
Ramsey McRory-USSAG "Athens' Team (Keller, Texas)
Adrian Hernandez-Eagle Finswimming Club (EFC)

Texas Finswimmers Who Have Gone On To Compete in College Aquatic Programs.

Jessica Taylor-University of Houston: water polo, 2004

Skylar Walker-Hillsdale (Michigan) College: swimming, 2005-present

Jenna Taylor-McMurry (Texas) College: swimming, 2006-present

Kristine Kelly-University of Houston: swimming, 2006-present

Visit our ather pages to learn about the athletes, meets, and records of the Texas Finswimming Association.

The Texas Finswimming Association is governed by a Board of Directors. Each board serves for the duration of the Olympiad, with this board serving until December 31, 2012.

The Board of Directors for the current Olympiad (2009-2012) is as follows:

President: Darla S. Kelly-Deer Park, Texas
Vice President: Derrick Mauk-Friendswood, Texas
Secretary: Donna Alicoate-Broadway, Virgina
Treasurer: Ruby Tamulitis-Baytown, Texas
Executive Director: Robert H. Kelly-Deer Park, Texas
Director of Media and Public Relations: Jack Light-Amarillo, Texas
Director of Medical Services: Crystal Withrow-Pasadena, Texas
Director of Special Programs: Kristine Kelly-Deer Park, Texas
Athlete Representive: Jenna Taylor-Pasadena, Texas